My partner and I are preparing for marriage. What kind of health check-ups should we do to protect ourselves and our beloved?


Love is patient, love is kind. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails. With that being said, it is highly essential for couples preparing for marriage to know the importance of pre-martial health screening. Marriage requires a truck load of planning, from starting a family, to ushering in various stages of your partner’s life into your own with this union. Pre-martial health screening will guarantee couples from hereditary and infectious diseases, in order to build a happy, stable home without unexpected surprises.

Pre-martial health screening is not much different from the regular health screening, except that it has additional components that targets the detection of hereditary defects, fertility and other serious health complications. Many a times, individual may not be aware of their own genetic disorders or health complications especially so when it is dormant or does not show any symptoms to indicate. Henceforth, couples who go through this will be able to discuss and better prepare themselves should there by any unexpected results. If situations arise, they will be able to tackle them before tying the knot.

More than 10% of couples face the problem of infertility and without prior knowledge of this, the marriage can be strained and the stress that comes with this can build up. It is always better to allow ample time to know and contemplate what you are getting yourself into as marriage should be a lifelong commitment.

The health screening typically covers genetic disorders such as Thalassemia, and health implications like diabetes, Hepatitis A & B, endocrine profile, venereal profile and immunology. Marriage cannot be purely based on the love for one another and it should also constitute the actions taken to achieve it. A healthy marriage is one where there is a state of agreement and harmony between partners in terms of healthy, psychological, sexual, social and legislative aspects begetting healthy and happy children.


With proper pre-martial screening as part of the marriage planning, it can then limit the spread of genetic blood diseases, reduce financial burden that may come with unforeseen medical treatments, avoid social and psychological stress for families and increase the awareness of a comprehensive and healthy marriage.

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